Referral process

Referrals can be made to the Crown Attorney by your client, a lawyer, duty counsel, a family member, friend or a community agency.  A CSC referral form will need to be completed and submitted to the Crown for their approval.

Once the client’s matter has initially been accepted for further assessment your client will be assigned a Case Manager.  They will be required to meet with their case manager and complete an intake and assessment which is then presented to the MDT for review.

With the input of the MDT and in consultation with their case manager a Community Treatment Intervention Plan (CTIP) will be developed with your client.  The CTIP will last between 6 months and 24 months.  The length depends on your client.  It will depend on how complex their treatment plan is and how long it takes your client to be successful.  Success can be measured in many different ways but generally, if they fulfill the requirements to the satisfaction of the case manager and the MDT, the goals of the CTIP, your client will be deemed successful.  We want your client to take advantage of the support offered to them and really lay the foundation for healthy and safe living.  The goal of this court is for your client to address the underlying issues that led to their criminal behaviour and to reduce the chance that your client will commit more crimes.  We will be patient with your client so that they can really understand and change their life in a positive way.  We also expect that your client will sincerely try to focus on understanding themself and making changes.

Supporting individuals with Mental Health and Addictions who are involved with the justice system