Program description

The Community Support Court is a specialized criminal court which is designed to assist individuals with mental health and/or substance use issues and/or intellectual impairment. CSC is an opportunity for individuals who have had many encounters with the justice system, and if connected, are currently facing a custodial sentence, to enter into a treatment plan before the court and address the issues that underlie the criminal behavior. The treatment plan will be specific to your needs.  It will provide you with goals and help you become stabilized and supported within the community.

This is a voluntary program, which includes regular court appearances, alcohol and drug treatment, possible drug testing, and regular appointments with your case manager. The CSC team includes the Multi-disciplinary team (MDT).  The MDT consists of a Judge, Provincial/Federal Crown, Psychiatrist, Mental Health service provider, Addiction service provider, Probation, your defence lawyer if you have retained counsel and your community case manager.  The program length will be determined by each participant’s progress but will generally be no less than six months and no longer than 24 months.

Supporting individuals with Mental Health and Addictions who are involved with the justice system