Lawyer Handbook

Lawyer/Service Provider Handbook

Welcome to the Peterborough   Community Support Court (CSC). This program works with adults charged with criminal cases. The Peterborough CSC gives your client an opportunity to address their mental health, intellectual impairments or substance use concerns. By choosing to enter this program, your client is choosing to make a commitment to their recovery process. The CSC team recognizes that the recovery process is long-term and requires time, energy and patience. The CSC program therefore requires a minimum of six (up to 18 months) months to attend court hearings, treatment appointments, drug testing (if applicable) and appointments with their case manager.

This handbook is designed to answer your questions, provide overall information about the program, and explain what will be required of your client as a CSC participant. As a participant, your client will be expected to comply with the court rules, follow instructions given by the judge and comply with the treatment plan(s) developed with your client by their case manager and the Multi-disciplinary team (MDT).

We welcome your client into the program and wish their success in the recovery process. Please remember that the Community Support Court Team is here to assist with your client’s efforts to successfully complete the program, but the choice and effort to change their way of life must come from your client.

Please read this handbook carefully. We encourage your client to share this information with  their family and friends who support you’re their recovery. The information in this handbook may change from time to time, without prior notice, and should not be considered a binding agreement between your client and the CSC program.

This Handbook was created by the Community Support Court Advisory Board March 2013

For a pdf version of the handbook click here.

For a pdf version of the client waiver form click here.

For questions pertaining to the admission, re-admission or continued participation of clients in the program please review the Memorandum of Understanding for Admission: click here.


Supporting individuals with Mental Health and Addictions who are involved with the justice system