This program is a unique court experience.  Motivation and commitment to the program are essential.  Your commitment will be assessed in the first 90 days and throughout the program.  This assessment starts when you are assigned a case manager.  If in the first 90 days or anytime through the program, you decide this program is not for you, you can return to the regular court system and deal with your matter in the regular way. This initial 60 day window allows the case manager to assess you and the MDT to review your progress.  If you do not follow through with completing the intake and assessment, the team may decide that you are not ready for such an intensive program.  In this case, your matter will be returned to the traditional court stream.

Once the 60 days assessment period is over and you have entered your guilty plea, you are expected to follow the CTIP.  You must complete the CTIP to graduate.  If you graduate, you will receive a certificate and the Crown will not ask that you go to jail.  If you do not graduate, you will not receive a graduation certificate and you will return to the normal court process.  In that case, the original crown position will most likely be re-adopted for sentencing.

If you complete your CTIP to the satisfaction of your case manager and the multi-disciplinary team, you will be ready to graduate.  If you wish your friends and family to come and celebrate your success, they are welcome

Graduation means that you will finish the court process.  It is the time when you are sentenced for your criminal behaviour.  It will be very similar to the normal court process.  Your criminal record, if you have one, will be provided to the court.  A victim impact statement may be given to the court.  The Crown and defence lawyers will make submissions on sentence.  That means that they will tell the Judge what they think the sentence should be.  You will know what the submissions will be before they are provided. There should be no surprises.

Supporting individuals with Mental Health and Addictions who are involved with the justice system