Court Process

There are a number of steps that are part of Community Support Court:

  • Completed referral form
  • Assignment of a case manager
  • Completion of a comprehensive assessment
  • Design of a Community Treatment Intervention Plan (CTIP)
  • A plea of guilt
  • Attendance to court every first and third Friday of the month
  • Ongoing participation and commitment to your CTIP, as reported to the judge by your case manager and yourself
  • Ongoing evaluation of your progress until a graduation date is identified

At any time you may exit the program and return to regular court.

Graduation Criteria

  • Completion of the CTIP
  • Approval of the Crown and the Multi-disciplinary team
  • This process will be completed within twelve and eighteen months

Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) consists of:

  • Judge
  • The Provincial/Federal Crown Attorneys
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mental Health service provider
  • Addiction service provider
  • Probation
  • Case Managers.
  • Police
  • Defense counsel

The MDT meets every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.  They discuss the CTIP.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Mental health concern
  • Substance use concern
  • Intellectual disability
  • A combination of any/or all previously stated concerns that contributed to the offence
  • Chronic and/or lengthy  legal history

Exclusionary Criteria

  • Residential break in
  • Home invasion
  • Drinking and driving
  • Offences committed against children
  • Sexual offences
  • Trafficking illicit substances for commercial gain

To view a flow chart of the court process and eligibility criteria click here.


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